Vehicle Variants
    Transit Custom Engine: EcoBlue Turbo Diesel
    Roof Height: Mid or High
    Wheelbase: Short or Long wheel base
    Max Load Space: up to 8.3 cu.m1
    Max Braked Towing Capacity:
    2500kg 340S Manual - 3000kg 340S Auto
    2800kg 340L Manual - 2000kg 340L Auto
    Transit Custom Double Cab in Van Engine: EcoBlue Turbo Diesel
    Roof Height: Low
    Wheelbase: Long Wheel Base
    Max Load Space: Up to 4.4 cu.m
    Max Braked Towing Capacity: 1800kg
    Transit Custom Sport Engine: EcoBlue Turbo Diesel Engine
    Roof Height: Low Roof
    Wheelbase: Short Wheel Base
    Max Load Space: Up to 6.0cu.m
    Max Braked Towing Capacity: 1800kg
    Transit Custom Sport Double Cab in Van Engine: EcoBlue Turbo Diesel Engine
    Roof Height: Low Roof
    Wheelbase: Short Wheel Base
    Max Load Space: Up to 4.4cu.m
    Max Braked Towing Capacity: 1800kg
    Exterior The Transit Custom comes with a choice of short or long wheelbases, as well as two roof heights, enabling you to select the size that suits your needs best. Out on the road, this is a van that stands apart from the crowd thanks to Ford’s signature hexagonal grille, flanked by large, shaped headlights. The elevated ride height and wide windscreen afford a clear view of the road ahead, while a choice of four standard paint colours complements your business signage.
    Rear Liftgate Door The optional Rear Liftgate Door can be specified in place of wide opening rear doors, giving you flexibility in urban areas and providing shelter while you load or unload in wet weather.
    Sport styling The Transit Custom Sport features 17-inch machined alloy wheels, sports body kit, unique hood stripes and sport decals, all of which deliver extra on-road style.
    Colour up With a choice of over 100 Special Vehicle Options Paint colours, only Ford enables you to truly reflect your brand with your van. It’ll be sprayed to the highest standards, maintaining your Ford Factory Warranty.
    Interior When you’re on the road all day, you need to know you’ll be comfortable. That’s why the Transit Custom offers heated seats as standard, helping to take the edge of winter mornings. Not only that, the cabin is also equipped with clever storage spaces to keep your items safe, while a 12V socket and USB port enable you to connect devices. Plus, with SYNC 3 to control your audio, telephony and more, you can stay connected throughout your working day.
    Outstanding load length Accommodate long cargo thanks to the maximum load lengths of 3037mm and 3404mm. The flat floor and near vertical side walls optimise the space available, while tie downs keep items secure.
    Smartphone integration With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can access and control compatible smartphone apps via the touchscreen and steering wheel controls. Effortlessly stream music and podcasts, make calls and more.
    See what’s behind The Transit Custom’s rear view camera provides a wide-angle view behind the vehicle so you can reverse and park with confidence.
    Performance Built to haul cargo securely and transport you and your crew safely, the Ford Transit Custom can meet a variety of challenges head-on. Not only is it equipped with Ford’s advanced 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine, which is Euro 6.2 certified and delivers impressive efficiency, it comes as standard with six-speed automatic transmission for effortless driving both in the city and beyond. Add in a host of driver assistance systems, and you have a van that can stay composed no matter how demanding the job.
    Dynamic Stability Control Need to work in extreme conditions? Dynamic Stability Control senses when you are deviating from your chosen line and automatically regulates the brakes and engine output to help you get back on track.
    Hill Launch Assist Pull away on inclines with confidence, no matter how heavy your cargo. Hill Launch Assist holds the vehicle as you move your foot from the brake to the accelerator, preventing any roll.
    Trailer Sway Control When you’re towing, it’s good to know the trailer is in control too. When sway is detected, Trailer Sway Control reduces engine torque and applies the brakes to the appropriate wheels, helping you regain stability.
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